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 About : MK Fine Art 

Today, MK Fine Art privately exhibits works by artists Marc Chagall, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Pierre Bonnard, Mary Cassatt, Joan Miró, Joan Mitchell, Fernand Léger, Wassily Kandinsky, Andy Warhol, Frank Auerbach, Keith Haring, Donald Judd, Rene Magritte, David Hockney, Jean Dubuffet, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and many others.


MK Fine Art has built several major private collections in the United States and Europe that could rival many art museums.


If you have any artwork by Marc Chagall, would like advice on the artist, or wish to be put in touch with the Comité Chagall in Paris for authentication purposes, please feel freee to get in touch. We can conduct business in English, Spanish, Czech, Slovak.


 About : Mirek 


Miroslav ‘Mirek’ Klabal was born in Přerov, in what is now the Czech Republic, near the end of WWII. During his youth, he demonstrated a strong interest in art; he also studied veterinary medicine. When the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact nations invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968, Mirek escaped to Austria. He eventually made his way to Toronto, and finally to New York City.


As a new immigrant, unable to communicate in English, Mirek spent much of his time with with fellow Czech refugees. One of these was an artist named Jaroslav Hovadik, who became a mentor to Mirek, introducing him to the art world and teaching him about printmaking techniques. Mirek started his first business selling Hovadik’s prints under the name I.G.P., an acronym for “I Got Pictures.”


In 1972, Mirek visited Barcelona, where he became acquainted with artist Joan Miro and his dealer Sala Gaspar — then went on to Paris, where he met the art dealer Heinz Bergruen. With these connections, he returned home to New York and began dealing prints by Antoni Clavé, Antoni Tàpies, Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, and Henri Matisse. 


Not long after this trip, Mirek opened his first gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the ensuing decades, he also worked from New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut, selling and exhibiting the work of contemporary pop artists and abstract expressionists like Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Frank Stella, Richard Diebenkorn, Joan Mitchell, Mark Rothko, Roy Lichtenstein, De-Kooning, James Rosenquist, and Sam Francis.


Since 2000, Mirek has been dealing original paintings and gouaches from the estate of Marc Chagall’s estate, after befriending Swiss businessman, Jean-Francois Gobbi. Mirek has currently sold more than 150 works by this artist and is considered a leading Chagall expert in the United States.

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